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The five degrees as I have already mentioned are:-

St. Lawrence the Martyr where all business is conducted and where all candidates must first be admitted into the Order. The story of this degree relates to the persecution of the Christians in Rome around 258 AD by the Prefect of Rome and the execution of Lawrence who later was recognised as a Saint for his Martyrdom. It is known that this degree was principally practiced in Yorkshire and Lancashire over 150 years ago to distinguish genuine Operative Masons from the new fangled Speculative Mason who were joining Craft Lodges in increasing numbers. St. Lawrence through his faith overcame the torment and pain the Prefect of Rome inflicted. A Lodge of St. Lawrence is always adjourned prior to any of the other Degrees or Orders being opened and is resumed after the closing of any of the Degrees or Orders being worked to allow further Council business to be conducted and closing of the Council.

The other Degrees can be taken in any order as they are, as I have already stated, totally unrelated in their story line.