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As I mentioned at the beginning of this talk, the five Degrees or Orders are unrelated in their story line but are connected by moral teachings that are contained in each of the ceremonies and teach us the following

St. Lawrence the Martyr                                     Suffering and fortitude

Knights of Constantinople                                  Universal equality and humility

Grand Tilers of Solomon                                     Carelessness and haste

Red Cross of Babylon                                         Fidelity, integrity and truth

Holy Order of Grand High Priest                           Dedication to duty

These teachings should and will make us better members of society, useful to mankind and respected in life.

The Order of The Allied Masonic Degrees is administered by Mark Masons Hall in St. James’s Street London. The annual meeting of Grand Council takes place at Freemasons Hall, London when the Grand Master currently R.W. Bro Thomas Firth Jackson is proclaimed Grand Master and the Grand Officers of the year are invested.

The requirements for joining The Order of The Allied Masonic Degrees are that all candidates must be subscribing members of Craft, Royal Arch and a Mark Master Mason.

The Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees has only been in existence for 132 years and is one of the newer Orders to be constituted. The total membership of the Order of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas stands at approximately 6000. Essex has seven Councils with a total membership of 162 and has seen a significant increase in membership over the past three to four years. Essex is one of the smallest in membership of the nineteen Districts in the Grand Council, a statistic that I am anxious to change.

R.W. Bro. Jeff Conway

District Grand Prefect