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The Degree of Red Cross of Babylon is the most profoundly mystical of all the Allied Degrees. It is said that it is one of those ancient degrees from which the Royal Arch was formed. The degree is set in two distinctive parts. The tragedy at the building of King Solomon’s Temple described in the third degree of the Craft inspires a connection with the building of the second Temple. In each part of the ceremony the scene is set partly in Babylon and partly in Jerusalem. The Council is opened in the Throne room of a Persian Court at Babylon by the Thrice Illustrious Sovereign. The scene changes and the ceremony is then conducted in a Royal Arch Council at Jerusalem by the Reverend Prelate (or 1st Principal). The candidate in this ceremony represents Zerubbabel. The ceremony is concluded at Babylon when Zerubbabel procures the help of King Darius in his enterprise. The faith, Zerubbabel displays, in his enterprise is the main story line of this degree.